Small Business/ Corporate


As your business grows, so does the scale of your financial responsibility. Working with payroll, multiple accounts, investment, partners, and handling corporate income tax, can make balancing the balance sheet a challenge.


A Taxing Situation has the expertise to keep the books balanced and help you look ahead to a strong future for your company. Here are a few of the services we have to offer for business clients.

  • A personal account manager
  • Fixed fees (agreed to in advance, not dependent on your rate of growth)
  • Tax planning services
  • Company forecasts
  • FREE no-obligation discussion about your requirements and goals
  • A practice with 30 years of financial service experience


Start-ups need a lot of attention and guidance to grow and succeed. A Taxing Situation can contribute in many ways.

Tax planning:

  • Plan your taxes before your business is even off the ground


  • We'll accurately maintain your company records

Company Structure:

  • We'll help you decide the optimal organization for you

Federal and Provincial Forms:

  • Apply for all the tax IDs and forms you need with our help

Salary Options:

  • Choose the best method to pay yourself and the employees

Request a complimentary* initial consultation and let's get started!

*First-time customers only. Find out what we can do to take the stress out of your taxes.