Self-Employed / Freelance


We have great respect for entrepreneurs creating, marketing and selling their own products and services. If you are self-employed or a freelancer, good for you! Here are some of the services we have to offer to help you stay on the path to success.

  • Same-day company registration
  • A personal account manager
  • Fixed fees (agreed to in advance, not dependent on your rate of growth)
  • Tax planning services


Should I charge HST?

You should! Here’s why.

You pay out HST every day. That’s money out of your pocket. With an HST number you get to claim it all back from the government. Even if it’s more than you took in from sales. It’s like getting a 13% raise and it’s perfectly legal.

Even if your sales are less than $30K per year, you should still have an HST number and receive all its benefits.

Do I need an accountant?

No! In our experience, accountants don’t make enough money off of the “Little Guy”. So they don’t spend the time necessary to help you get your taxes done to your best benefit.

We spend a Minimum of one hour with each client to ensure we help you get the Maximum benefit that you deserve.

Do I still qualify to claim expenses if my business is small and unregistered?

Absolutely!  According to the Canadian Income Tax Act, any income must be reported. We know that independent businesses usually spend more money than they make. The CRA allows you to lose money for two years in a row before you should show a profit. You may apply those losses against your other income and get a refund. After those two years, you'll need to break even or turn a profit.

How do I know it will be all taken care of?

We use an extensive checklist, devised over many years, to make sure that nothing gets missed.

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