Dona and Elvin Johnson

"Rob has finished our corporate taxes and our personal. From now on to me he is called "Merlin the Magician"..!!! Elvin and I are more than ecstatic . We have overpaid every year for years and can hardly wait to spend the refund! LOL. Thanks to Rob and thanks a bunch to Lindy for letting us know about their services.. Kudos to you both."

Denise Colasacco

"I just started my own business and I didn't know much on what a business owner could get and what we can get as a benefit! Rob took the time to explain it all for me and showed me what and how I can benefit! I loved that we were able to make a friendship out of our appointment and glad that he's doing my taxes I now know my taxes r in good hands! That's always the best feeling! So thank u Robert and I would definitely recommend him to anyone!!  😊"

Sue Turner

"Shout out to A Taxing Situation for handling all of our taxes this year! So painless and such a great experience. I've always done my own taxes using some turbo tax or other and can honestly say I *thought* I was doing a great job (turns out I was ripping myself off, substantially)."

Saverina Zanon

"It was a pleasure meeting Rob, he took time to explain what we can benefit from our taxes. The best part was he was able to come to us. Having 4 children it helped !!" 

Jen McGinty

"Was surprised when I contacted Lindy that they offered a free in home consult.
It was great, Rob went through everything he was about, how he could help and tips for keeping everything organized.
Stress instantly relieved! Amazing!"

Leeana Ashley

"Rob was a great help for us when we needed the taxes done by a deadline. He is there whenever we need him and I would recommend him to anyone!"

Darrin Doc McCutcheon

"Even though I've known Lindy for some time, just weeks ago I employed her and her partner, Rob, to work for me. What's unique about them - besides their knowledge and skills - is their ability to put you at ease; to explain important points and facts in layman's terms that the average person would not likely understand, like me...I'm not very savvy.

I'm also now working with their trusted and recommended financial adviser - the other Rob - and he has the same approach, knowledge and skill set. A Taxing Situation gets two thumbs up from this guy. Give them a call."

Emma Violet Hilborn

"Last year, I started working on contract with a web company based out of the United States. No more basic T4 slips - dealing instead with wire transfer pay. I had absolutely NO idea how to file my taxes now that I'm considered "self-employed" according to the CRA. On top of that, I did have some local Canadian income AND I'm a student so that gets factored in. Basically, I had a rather complex tax situation and no idea where to start with it.

I asked Rob a ton of questions, and he was very patient with me and explained things as I asked about them. Very polite and friendly (as was Lindy, who I initially was in contact with via Facebook). As a full-time college student who's also planning a wedding, I didn't have a lot of time to spare to sort out my taxes myself. I sat down with Rob and we had everything sorted in under an hour! I got an email back with all the info I needed, plus a nice clear set of instructions/next steps the next day!

I definitely recommend A Taxing Situation to anyone who either lacks the time, know-how, or both to sort out their taxes!"

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